Planet Fitness, America’s fastest-growing gym, encourages its customers to not take themselves too seriously. Planet Fitness wanted to enter the mobile space in a fun, humorous way.


In 2010, Aurnhammer created the Lunkinator App. Users can “lunkinate” their family and friends by cutting and pasting pictures of their faces onto “lunk head” caricature bodies and then emailing them. The mobile app also features a Lunk Alarm–an interactive gag for gym users–and utilities such as a gym locator, and PE@PF, where users can sign up for fitness classes.

My Fitness

In February of 2015 we introduced My Fitness, a brand new fitness tracker, into the Planet Fitness app! Now users can track and log workouts right from our app.

From the Elliptical to an outdoor run and everything in between, our new app lets you schedule and time your workouts, track your progress, review your workout reports, set fitness goals, and earn trophies.

Additional tracker features include a music controller that allows users to listen to their own music during exercises, and audio guides that provide encouraging feedback mid-workout! The wearable sync control also gives users the opportunity to sync their Jawbone or Fitbit to the My Fitness tracker for optimal accuracy.

The feel of our app reflects the relaxed atmosphere of Planet Fitness. Known as The Judgment Free Zone®, Planet Fitness is a place where members can relax, get in shape and have fun without being subject to the overly competitive, look-at-me attitude that exists in other gyms.

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