An entertaining app for iOS devices, Say It! lets you record and send hilarious characters talking with your voice.

Choose a character.

Just download the app and choose a character to get started!  Our character library is organized by categories for special occasions, events and holidays. We are constantly updating the content to ensure that Say It-eers always have a fresh character or two for their next creation.

Record your message.

Just hit record and speak into your iOS device’s microphone. The character’s mouth will move with the sound of your voice (the character background might even animate, too!)

Now in v 2.2 you can change the pitch of your voice!  Bump it down to sound like Darth Vader.  Or all the way up for maximum squeakiness.  Your characters can now take on a whole range of different voices!

Save and share it!

Title your greeting, save it and share it!  Say It! is integrated with iMessage and Mail, as well as any native social media apps that you choose to connect with (facebook, twitter, vimeo, etc.).  It’s the perfect way to say happy birthday, good (or bad) luck, or share an inside joke or funny soundbite with whoever you wish.

Check out what people are making with Say It!

Follow @sayitmobileapp on twitter for the latest news, technical support, to shout out an idea or just to say hi!